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Discord is a simply fantastic voice, video and IM service which has hundreds of thousands of community ran servers for gaming, chatting and the like, making keeping in touch with not just your friends easier, but even some companies have their own Discord servers. Looking at you, Corsair. The main problem I have with Discord is just it’s boring and bland interface, which is why I actually haven’t used it in years except for on mobile. How? let’s get into it.

BetterDiscord is a brilliant tool that really opens up Discord and helps lay the framework to allow plugins to be written and custom themes to be created. Afterall, Discord is at its core a web-based application meaning all the plugins are written using JavaScript and the themes are just CSS files.

As soon as you have downloaded and run the installer, do the thing and click on ‘Install BandagedBD’. Next, you will be greeted with the following image that lets you choose where you want to install it to.

If you are a general Discord user, chances are you have the stable build, so check the box next to stable. Now, it should automatically detect your Discord installation, but if you have it on a different drive like D: or E: then it may have to be set manually by clicking on ‘Browse’.

So uhhh… What now?

When you next go to open up Discord, way down at the bottom of the settings will be a brand new section called Bandaged BD, with the listed settings, emotes, plugins, themes and even an area for you to edit your theme directly with custom CSS. If you want to go ahead and grab the same theme as me, or at least by the same author, go to the following link for their Discord: ClearVision

*Note that I’m linking their server because you not only get updates on development, but the community is great too and releases modified versions of their base themes.

Once you have actually downloaded a theme, all you need to do is copy and paste the theme into the Themes folder. The easiest way to get to the Themes folder, is to click on Themes in the settings as listed above and then click ‘Open Folder’.

Once you have the theme in the folder, just make sure it is activated. It might take a little while to load initially, but you will be thanking yourself later and every single time you open up Discord.


So now you have a fantastically cool theme sorted out, but you want to start actually adding features to Discord now. Understandable. The best place to go for your plugin needs, is the BetterDiscord Library which also has an area for themes too. Now it goes without saying, a lot of the plugins on here are out of date or haven’t been updated in a while, so it is a little bit hit and miss in this department. Here are just a few that I use on a daily basis.

  • Always Mention Everyone – Bypasses the prompt that tells you there are a lot of people in your server when @everyone’ing
  • Badges Everywhere – Copies the badge from user profiles onto the chat panel and onto the user panel, so you can see the boosters and admins that bit easier when reading chat.
  • Typing Indicator – Tells you which channels people are typing in, very useful when you are looking at multiple channels on the same server.

Here, the process is exactly the same as the themes, just go to the Plugins folder and pop the JS files in there and activate them, then you should be golden. As for updates, you will have a blue bar appear at the top of your Discord whenever it detects an update on GitHub, and as a bonus, it will download and install it automatically for you.

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