The End of Crypto Mining..? – Not Even Close

So recently cryptocurrencies and crypto mining have been in the news a lot recently – with even West Midlands Police in the UK mistaking a crypto mine for a cannabis farm. At the same time, there has been a lot of talk coming from a lot of places of GPU mining effectively being whisked awayContinue reading “The End of Crypto Mining..? – Not Even Close”

ReShade Tutorial – Semi-Advanced

Hey hey, as promised, here is a more in-depth tutorial for ReShade. If you just want to know the basics of ReShade, go check out the previous article here. With that out of the way, let’s gert started. From the Top First thing’s first, you need to choose the game you actually want to installContinue reading “ReShade Tutorial – Semi-Advanced”

Making a Basic Minecraft Server

So you have a real passion for Minecraft, and you want to make your own private server for just you and your friends but you haven’t got a clue where to look or what to do in order to get one setup and running. That’s where we have you covered. You have two real choices,Continue reading “Making a Basic Minecraft Server”

Better Discord – Themes & Plugins

Discord is a simply fantastic voice, video and IM service which has hundreds of thousands of community ran servers for gaming, chatting and the like, making keeping in touch with not just your friends easier, but even some companies have their own Discord servers. Looking at you, Corsair. The main problem I have with DiscordContinue reading “Better Discord – Themes & Plugins”